Why purchase Monarch Rain Chains?

  1. Monarch rainchains offers 100%  Pure copper rain chains at unbeatable prices !!
  2. Our Rain chains are 8.5 ft in length inclusive of triangular copper hanger for easy installation versus our competitors length of 6 ft or 8 ft - you get more value for money.
  3. Our Rain chains are a piece of art - each cup or link is painstakingly made and assembled by hand
  4. The copper links which are used to join cups are strong and sturdy so they weather many seasons and do not fall apart - Our copper rain chains quality is amazing and our customer reviews prove it.
  5. Monarch rain chains upon installation upgrade the look of your home and over a period of time the copper acquires a beautiful patina which enhances the appearance of our rain chains.
  6. We now offer a copper gutter reducer with filter - our patented product which captures leaf debris and can be easily popped out and cleaned.  
  7. Water running down the length of the rain chain invokes a sense of tranquility, so we urge you to upgrade and update your gutters with these beautiful 8.5 ft pure copper links and cups and become the object of envy in your neighborhood.

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