Rain chains cleverly blend both function and design that bring with it new energy and dramatic power to your home and landscape. Monarch Rain Chains has an avant-garde approach to gutter downspouts which is evident from our creative manifestation of heavy gauge 100% copper rain chain downspouts. Our extensive range consists of a variety of inspiring and artistic cup styles and cleverly constructed link styles. Our selection will make it easy to find the right one to match your needs and compliment your home’s architectural design. Rain gutter chains are a functional and elegant replacement for conventional downspouts. Replace your obtrusive downspout with a precisely crafted rain chain downspout. It is a functional piece of art that can serve as a focal point for your home.

Spring 2017 is an ideal time to launch our new Pure Copper Sakura and Siam Large Cup Rain Chains and expand our premium copper collection. It is a great opportunity to welcome spring by giving your home a new fresh look with affordable copper rain chains!

GET A Head Start on Upgrading Your Rain Gutters ...

Pure Copper Hammered  Cup Rain Chain with Ring 8.5 ft

Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain Chain with Ring 8.5 ft

Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain Chain is a spectacular large cup rain chain. Each ..

Sale Price: $94.95
List Price$219.99
Your savings: $125.04 (57%)

Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain 8.5 ft

Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain 8.5 ft

Monarch Rain Chains pure copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain has is a breathtakingly beautiful link s..

Sale Price: $119.95
List Price$239.99
Your savings: $120.04 (50%)

Pure Copper Butterfly Rain Chain 8.5 ft

Pure Copper Butterfly Rain Chain 8.5 ft

Monarch Rain Chains 8.5 feet pure copper butterfly rain chain with its scalloped cups and butterfly ..

Sale Price: $94.95
List Price$199.99
Your savings: $105.04 (53%)

Hammered Cup Aluminum Mill Finish Bundle Set

Hammered Cup Aluminum Mill Finish Bundle Set

Monarch’s Aluminum Hammered Cup Rain Chain in Mill finish is a fresh, contemporary and exciting way ..

Sale Price: $109.50
List Price$149.50
Your savings: $40.00 (27%)

FREE SHIPPING on rain chains and related accessories orders of  $150 and up

Monarch Rain Chains has a selection of medium, large and X-large cup styles and link styles in 45 assorted styles to efficiently transport rain water.

We added a dash of color in 2016 to our existing collection of rain chains with the addition of aluminum powder coated rain chains.  We also introduced the anchoring stakes to compliment your rain chain and provide a safe and secure anchoring feature to a rain chain.

In 2017 we will be showcasing a few new styles so do check back regularly for new introductions and sale promotions.

Our newest additions, the Sakura and Siam Pure Copper Rain Chains highlight the innovation that’s behind the Monarch Rain Chains brand. The Sakura Pure Copper Rain Chain displays like an impressive piece of art that showcases the sophistication of the refined cups with an impressive blend of links highlighting a gracious silhouette.

The Siam Pure Copper Rain Chain highlights yet another contemporary design. It conveys a modernism approach that has become synonymous with the Monarch brand. The Siam Rain Chain embraces the modern style with its assembly of cups showcasing a hammered like embossing and links with a unique curvature.

Aluminum Color Options, Same Quality Expectations We Are Known For

We understand that copper may not always work with every home. We encourage you to browse through our aluminum rain chains as an alternative to the copper material. They are equally as substantial owing to our strict quality traditions only premium aluminum material.

We offer powder coated finishes in a Flat Black, Pewter Bronze, Musket Brown, Beaver Brown and natural Mill Finish Aluminum. So take your pick from our premium Monarch Rain Chains Collection.

Our rain chains are 8.5 ft. in length of which 8 feet comprises of the cup / link chain plus a 5” length of a pure copper triangular gutter hanger. Insert the triangular hanger into your existing rain gutter drain hole and watch the mesmerizing motion of rain water making its way from cup to cup and link to link. Detailed installation instructions are included with each rain gutter chain and are easy to follow. You can also check the installation instructions right there.

If you wish to contain most of the rain water we suggest the cup style. In case you prefer a visual stimulation- we suggest the link style, allowing you to partake of the delight as you watch the rain water run down the length of the chain. The sound of cascading rain water generates tranquility and is pleasing to the senses.

Rain chains are not only easy to install provided you follow our step by step instructions but easy to lengthen and shorten. If you require a substantial length, extending them to a longer length is now easier than ever. Every cup style rain chain comes with an additional spare link. However, if the adjustment of your chain’s length requires extra connector links you now have the option to purchase our round connector rings available on our accessories page. These round connector rings measure 1-1.5 inches in diameter and are available in the following options: pure copper, aluminum black and mill finish aluminum. 

There will always be splashing associated with rain chains downspouts however the volume and intensity of the splashing depends on the amount of rain fall that the gutter chain receives and the wind factor –so please bear that in mind prior to your purchase. Rain chain styles with decorative links such as the Hammered Cup Style will receive a bit more splash than a standard cup style with no decorative links. If you desire the least amount of splash volume or reside in an area that receives a copious amount of rainfall, it is best to select a rain chain with minimal decorative links in between the cups or larger cup size with fewer decorative links connecting them.  We also recommend installing a rain chain with a larger bottom hole to expel greater volume of rain water.  A good example of a rain chain which handles a heavier downpour are the Akira and Haru rain chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much splash will my rain chain experience?

Since all rain chain has some splash factor associated with its functioning, the amount depends on three factors: 
  • Amount of rain fall 
  • Wind factor
  • Style of rain chain
  • Installation of Rain Chain
The more rainfall you receive, the greater the splash you may experience. As always be sure to select the appropriate cup size rain chain for the amount of rainfall your geographical area receives. Some rain chain styles with decorative links, such as the Hammered Cup style will receive a bit more splash, especially in areas of heavy rainfall. Please keep this in mind prior to your purchase. Be sure to check that installation of your rain chain has been done properly.

Incorrect installation will result in splashing if the rain water from the outlet is not channeled properly into the first cup. We recommend installation of a rain chain with our gutter adaptor™

When can I expect to receive my package?

All of our packages are shipped out from Chino, CA via FedEx Ground. Delivery for domestic packages can be broken down in the following categories: 

New England territories can expect delivery in 5 days.
East Coast and South Eastern territories can expect delivery in 4 days.
Midwest and Northwest territories can expect delivery in 3 days.
South West Regions can expect delivery in 1-2 days.
Hawaiian Island can expect delivery in 5 days.

Will my rain chain be negatively affected by the snowy climate?

No. Climates with snow do not affect the material. Ice buildup will develop on the rain chain leaving a beautiful ice display however it does not negatively affect the rain chain in any way. Extra weight will be added to the rain chain due to the ice buildup so we recommend strengthening your gutter to support the added weight. You may consider adding a gutter reducer as an extra safeguard.

Can a rain chain be installed if I do not have gutters in place?

Yes. Customers have gotten creative and have used many practical items to hang their rain chains from their homes. Small to medium sized round containers have been utilized in areas where the roof converge, creating a valley. Here the container is placed at the end tip of the “valley” which allows the water to be contained and then flows out from a drilled hole in the center and into the rain chain where it hangs from the container itself.  

What is a gutter reducer and do I need one for my rain chain?

A gutter reducer is made to accommodate a rain chain for gutter holes larger than the standard 5-6 inch that come with 2x3 inch downspouts. Rain chains come with a triangular or crossbar hanger to fit inside a standard gutter outlet. If your downspout size is larger than the standard 2x3 inch then we recommend installing a gutter reducer to facilitate a controlled flow of water from your gutter into your rain chain.

Will the cup style rain chains contain all of the water?

All cup style rain chains will have some splashing associated with them due to the nature and design of the chain. Because of its open design, it is not closed like a standard plastic downspout whose sealed pipe like container captures the water in tightly controlled manner. A rain chains open design allows you to delight in watching the water make its way down the length of the chain.

Can I return or exchange my rain chain for another one?

You may return or exchange any unused rain chain within 30 days of the original delivery. There will be a 10% restocking fee applied for all returned rain chains. We do not apply a restocking fee for items which are exchanged for another. Refunds will be for the amount of merchandise only. There is no refund for shipping charges.
What if I need a longer length for my rain chain?

Of our 45 styles of rain chains, 8 styles are available with extensions pieces that extend 3 feet in length. Visit our page and click the “Extensions” tab to view our extension pieces. We carry both link and cup style extensions. You may also choose to purchase a second rain chain and adapt the length according to your needs. A set of pliers is all you need to cut the length you desire to add on to your 8.5 rain chain. 

What our customers are saying about us…

We could go on about how great rain chains are but we want to let our customers do the talking. Here are just some of the comments our fans have shared with us: 

George C.-

“Love, love, love my beautiful rain chains! They were so easy to deal with, prompt and absolutely perfect in every detail. Prices are amazing (about $30 over the price of a clunky rusting chain for pure copper beauty)! Would recommend them to anyone”

Amber M.-

“Excellent customer service! Mona went above and beyond to help me with my questions. Couldn't be happier.”

Colleen D.-

“Thank you for all your help getting us the copper link rain chains (when they were out of stock). Exceptional customer service and we are so pleased with the product!!”

Stacy T. -

“I just ordered our first rain chain (hammered cup) and I can't wait to receive it. My customer service experience was exceptional!”

Kim S. - 

“Great customer service!! They were beyond helpful. I can't wait to see it when it rains”. 

Linda H- 

“I have been doing my due diligence in searching for the perfect rain chain and I keep coming back to Monarch Rain Chains. I've checked out a lot of other websites and feel this company's rain chain selection is the best for me and I'm going to order my chains (6) today!. Thank you Monarch Rain Chains!”

Julie E.- 

“Got my rain chain up! It was super easy and they look fabulous! 

Blessings from Columbia, South Carolina!”

Colleen Dimitry says -

“I appreciate all your help and wonderful customer service!”

Atearse -

These seem very substantial and they arrived promptly!

Nvonesh -

This rain chain was a perfect solution to an ugly downspout. It is lovely to listen to the rain flowing down, it is just the right length and it looks great!

Richard Herman -

I received my rain chains from Monarch Rain Chains today. They were all, and more, than I expected. Communication with the supplier was just what I wanted. This is the way to do business in this country! I could not be happier with the quality of the product, and I am picky! Customer service is as good as the product. I had a question about installation (I have to combine 2 1/2 chains to do my project), and it was answered quickly and correctly. Super product, super service!