Rain Chain Installation Guide

Rain Chain installation instructions

Installation of your rain chain is made easy with the triangular copper attachment piece that comes attached to almost all rain chains we carry in our inventory. Some of our pure copper link styles like the pure copper ring rain chain, diamond rain chain, traditional link rain chain and teardrop rain chain are equipped with a sturdy cross bar.

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Each rain chain is designed to work with most standard size gutter systems. This is of beneficial value for you as it cuts down on labor time in case you are getting installation done with the help of a gutter company or in case you chose to do it on your own.
The hanger was created to be inserted inside the rain gutter and placed inside the drain hole, in place of the former downspout. This helps guide and direct the flow of water down the length of the rain chain.

Rain Chain Installation with a triangular copper clip provided:

Rain chain Installation steps

Rain chain Installation steps

It is essential to keep in mind that a rain chain always splashes some water during a downpour which adds to the beauty. For a cup style rain chain, the triangular hanger will be positioned upside down into the drain hole.

The first stepwill be to remove the triangular hanger from the rain chain. This will allow you to properly insert the hanger in the drain hole as an upside down triangle.Should you have difficulty properly inserting the hanger in its proper place, you can use pliers to bend the copper hanger in a way that will help secure it in place.

Once this is done, you may then begin to connect both the triangular hanger and the rain chain together using the adjustable links that are assembled with the rain chain.

It should be noted that not all of the water will be contained in the rain chain, thus some splashing should be expected. This is because of the downward position of the rain chain. Gravity pulls it down, thus naturally affecting the stream of the water as it makes its course down but windy conditions will cause some of the rain water to splash.

Secure Rain Chain Installation with the 3 pc. Copper Gutter Adaptor kit : We recommend a seamless, worry free installation with the 3 pc. Gutter installation kit.

  • The inverted top hat shaped copper gutter adaptor
  • The rectangular plate
  • The cross bar debris collector

In case you need a longer length that the standard 8 ft. length rain chain we highly recommend a secure installation with the 3 pc. Gutter adaptor kit since it provides:

a) Additional support to hold the longer length rain chain

b) Caulking the plate on the edges prevents seepage of water underneath

c) The rain chain hang hangs securely from the brass bolt

d) The cross bar debris blocker prevents larger debris from blocking the flow of rainwater.

e) Removal of the rain chain and annual maintenance is simplified.

Rain chains installation Instruction with Reducer

Rain chain installation Instruction with Reducer