Customer Photo Gallery – Rain Chains

DIY Rain Chains

We at Monarch Rain Chains appreciate our customers’ opinions and insights about our products and love to see how our customers use their rain chains in their homes!  Please be sure to send any images to”

724b3120-0803-49db-8fc0-d6e5e8b02c91 Cascading rain chain

Image from Julie Rodriguez

I just received my rain chains and cannot tell you how happy I am with this purchase. The copper is very high-quality and is already developing a beautiful patina. I would install it myself but I am too short. LOL – Julie Rodriguez

copper-tulip-rain-chain_0422 copper tulip rainchain

lotus-rain-chain-image Hammered-Cup-Rain-Chain

Rain chain cups with succulents

Rain chain cups with succulents


It looks Spectacular – thank you Laurie.


bell cup rain chain image


Thank you again for doing what you could to get the order delivered.  We hung them on the weekend.  It then poured rain yesterday in their honour.  My husband posted the photo on his Facebook site and his “friends” are loving them.   We have given out your link.  I was pleased with their look.  We were not able to use the gutter insert.  We did use the screw in one place.  We drilled through the copper downspout that was installed with our new roof last year and used he screw bracket.  We also used the round links. Thank you for those.   I think you will drum up some business because they are creating quite a stir on our street!! .


rain-chains-004  rain-chains-001

Mizoko rain chain customer submitted

Monarch mizoko rain chain in a coat of heavy ice customer submitted image



Customer Photo Gallery – Rain Chains

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