• Pure  Copper Ring Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

Pure Copper Ring Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

  • $489.99
  • $229.50

  • The Pure Copper Ring Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle gives your outdoor space a complete look and enhances the beauty of your landscape. 
  • The streamlined look of the pure copper Ring rain chain looks attractive and striking as it is balanced and harmonizes perfectly with the 18” pure copper hand hammered anchoring basin. 
  • The 18” basin comes equipped with a 12” link chain which connects with the rain chain to efficiently anchor it. We strongly suggest placing rocks inside basin as a means of securely anchoring it. 
  • The 3 foot pure copper Ring extension is included to extend the length of the 8.5 foot Ring chain should you require more than the standard 8 ft. length. 
  • In addition, it also comes with a pure copper gutter adaptor piece to provide an efficacious manner of channeling rain water from the gutter outlet.

Size & Specifications:

Length: 8.5 feet

Link Size: 2"(L) x 2"(W) x 2.25"(H)

Material: Pure Copper

Wire Thickness: 9 gauge

Finish: Natural Copper

UPC: 633402110123

What’s Included:

  • 8.5 ft Ring Rain Chain ( 57 Links)
  • 3 ft Ring Rain Chain Extension ( 20 Links)
  • Cross Bar (Hanger for Gutter Attachment)
  • Copper Gutter Adaptor (Reducer) with filter for Rain Chain Installation
  • 18 inches Copper Anchoring Basin
  • Installation Instructions


Item is available for shipping internationally.

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Pure Copper Ring Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

  • $489.99
  • $229.50