• Aluminum 3 Pcs Rain Chain Installation Kit © - Mill finish

Aluminum 3 Pcs Rain Chain Installation Kit © - Mill finish

  • $36.95
  • $28.95

Monarch’s 3 Piece Aluminum Gutter Kit comes with all the necessary hardware you need to maintain efficiency and receive high performance of your installed rain chain. The gutter kit comes with a pure aluminum gutter reducer inclusive of brass bolt and domes to attach to your gutter to strengthen and allow efficiency of water flow from your gutter straight into your rain chain. The pure aluminum plate holds the gutter reducer firmly in place, giving it added security and strength. The 4 round holes pure aluminum filter acts as a way of obstructing and preventing the flow of debris from making its way down the chain, allowing only water to make its way down from the gutter. All together they perform in a harmonious and effective manner.

Product Features:

  • Crafted of unmatched thick pure Aluminum
  • Wider mouth aluminum gutter reducer that tapers down; facilitates an uninterrupted easy flow of water from the gutter into the rain chains
  • Oval lip gutter reducer easily fit all types of gutters and provides a perfect assembly
  • Unique gutter filter that allows the flow of smaller debris and holds back / retain bigger debris into the rain gutter / rain chain thus prevent gutter clogging
  • Comes with Hardware (brass bolt and fancy dome nuts) for easy installation of rain chain

Size & Specifications:

  • Size: inches  (L) x 4.5 inches  (W) x 3 inches (H)
  • Top Opening: Ø 2.50 (inches)
  • Bottom Opening: Ø 2.00 (inches)
  • Sheet Thickness : 15 gauge
  • Material: Pure  Aluminum
  • Finish: Natural Aluminum
  • UPC: 633402120207

What’s Included:

  • Aluminum Gutter Reducer with solid brass nut and bolt
  • Aluminum 4 Round Hole Filter
  • Aluminum  Rectangular Plate


Rain Gutter Installation kit is available for shipping internationally

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Aluminum 3 Pcs Rain Chain Installation Kit © - Mill finish

  • $36.95
  • $28.95

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