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Monarch rain chains is the gold standard for gutter downspouts. We have a myriad selection of heavy gauge pure copper rain chains to choose from and there will always be one to suit your taste and your home style. Rain chains are a functional and elegant replacement for conventional downspouts. Monarch rain chains stellar collection of assorted cup style rain chains or robust link style rain chains in their assorted shapes almost look like a piece of art and can become a focal point of your home.

Cup styles are available in medium, large and x-large sizes and our link style rain chains are offered in basic link shapes as well as the more contemporary  teardrop style or diamond style.

All our rain chains have been tested for efficiency and transport most of the rain water from the gutter to the ground with minimal splashing. Cup style rain chains contain most of the rain water and the sound of rain water moving down the length of the rain chain adds a sense of tranquility and harmony to your home environment. Link style rain chains however provide a pure visual treat as water runs down the length of the rain chain and the splashing sound is soothing to the senses.

Monarch's rain chains are made of pure copper and are offered in a standard length of 8.5ft of which the rain chain length is 8 ft. and a 5” pure copper triangular hanger along with installation instructions included with every rain chain. Insert the triangular hanger into your existing rain gutter drain hole or alternately if you are using it as a focal point place it in a corner eave of your home and watch the mesmerizing motion of water cascading from cup to cup and link to link. We recommend the cup styles if you want to contain the rain water but in case you want to watch the water run down the length of the rain chain we suggest the link style is more suitable for your home.

We highly recommend all installations be done with our 3 pc. Pure copper gutter adaptor kit © which comprises of an inverted top hat shaped gutter reducer with a brass bolt from where the rain chain can be securely hung. The rectangular plate provides for stability and minimizes seepage of water and the cross bar filter blocks the flow of debris into the rain chain. This simple 3 pc. Kit is very popular with gutter companies and installers so do check it out and test it.

Amongst our cup style rain chains the pure copper hammer cup rain chain tops the list followed closely by the tulip, sundrop and lotus. Amongst the link styles our pure copper artistic cascading leaves rain chain where 92 leaves envelop the rings and sound delightful as rain water runs down the length of the rain chain. We suggest you complete your look with the copper anchoring basin © which needs to be weighed down with smooth rocks  and lo and behold you have an appealing little area in your home to relax in.

The huge success of the cascading leaves gave us an opportunity to expand the look and we now offer the copper cascading butterflies rain chain which has also become very popular.  Keep checking our website for new introductions and updates. Our 2014 introduction of the pure copper tranquility rain chain with its center linking chain and tiered cups will definitely take the world by storm.

We offer 3 ft. rain chain extensions in 6 styles but in case the style you like does not have an extension the length of a rain chain can be altered to suit your requirement.

Copper rain chains origins can be traced back to Japan where they were used a hundred years ago to transport rain water from higher buildings to the ground into barrels and containers. This concept has further been adapted to suit our needs today.

The world is slowly understanding the need to conserve and protect the environment and stop water wastage. As this awareness is growing and seeds of change are being planted in people’s mind rain chains are fast gaining popularity. The rain water is collected at the end of a rain chain into a barrel or urn and is reused for gardening, washing the drive way but this rain water is definitely not for consumption. Copper is a natural reusable resource and since it is recyclable it is the metal of choice for us. Do away with plastic downspouts and replace them with our heavy gauge pure untreated copper rain chain and feel good about making smart choices.

Over a period of time copper oxidizes and acquires a lovely brownish patina on the surface which enhances its appeal.  Monarch rain chains takes pride in offering a huge selection of 37 rain chains none of which are copper plated – we sell only pure copper rain chains. Do not get taken in by the imitations- they  do not last a lifetime. We highly recommend you secure the end of your rain chain to the ground or into a basin for added appeal. Draw the  rain water away from your home foundation and protect your home.

Install a rain chain and feel good about making a good choice. Copper rain chains are definitely getting their fair share of recognition and accolades in today’s world.  In fact large hotel chains are now looking to replace the man- made down spout with a copper rain chain and with so many styles to pick from you will definitely find the one which most appeals to you and your home.

Enjoy the beauty and sense of tranquility a rain gutter chain brings to your home.

In case you are not too sure about your choice, give us a call and we will happily assist you with your questions.

Smart Buying Tips

  • Monarch Rain chains has a product line which offers both style and quality...all our copper rain chains are made of pure heavy guage quality copper. We do not carry anything which is copper plated !!!
  • Our rain chains are all 8.5 ft in length inclusive of a triangular gutter clip for easy installation and our pricing is comparable to the 6 ft length...so get more value for money today. Follow our installation instructions which are included with each rain chain and your rain chain installation will be done before you know it.
  • Monarchrainchains cup styles are inspired by nature's flora...and we offer more cups per rain chain than our competitors...so before buying a rain chain check for number of cups ; More cups translates into more value for money.
  • Always secure the end of your rain gutter chain to the ground or to our Anchoring basin..so during inclement weather conditions the rain chain does not swing threatningly. Also note, the end of your rain chain needs to be secured where there is proper drainage.

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Monarch rain chains offers an unmatched, exceptional range of 100% pure copper rain chains in natural untreated copper.
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